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Transcend Fear of Judgment

Get a free 45-minute consultation

Do you live your life in constant fear of being judged by others? Or in constant guilt for pursuing your dreams? Are fear and guilt preventing you from living the life you truly want?

You may have tried therapy, self-help, and other methods, only to find yourself right back where you started from. In the end, you can only transform your life by taking action, but getting that process started is a lot harder than it sounds.

That’s why I’m offering a FREE 45-minute consultation to help you transcend fear. In this consultation, I’ll help you identify where your fear comes from and how you can rise above it. And I’ll provide you with the strategic tools you need to start transforming your life once and for all.

I wouldn’t expect you to take advantage of this offer without knowing exactly what you’re getting into, so here are all the details:

Transcend Fear of Judgment

This strategy consultation is…

  • 45 minutes long

  • $348 in value but FREE for you

  • No obligation

In the consultation, you’ll:

  • Identify where your fear comes from

  • Separate the actual cause of your fear from the perceived cause

  • Develop an awareness of why you’re vulnerable to that fear

  • Learn how to address your fear and prevent it from controlling you

  • Discuss the little-known secret for overcoming fear

  • Discover how to liberate yourself from fear and achieve your destiny

  • BONUS: You’ll receive an audio copy of my book

If you’re constantly afraid of being judged by others, feel guilty for pursuing your dreams, or find fear holding you back from your destiny, then this is for you!


“I was feeling very low at some point in my journey when I happened to have a call with Cosmin.

If you’re feeling depressed, if you’re feeling anxious or like you might be alone in the world, trust me, have a session with this guy. He can really help reframe everything.”


Michael testimonial

Michael, Life Coach

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