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Spiritual Evolution

Understand Your Destiny

And Love Who You Are Right Now

Hi, I’m Cosmin. Enter your email below to learn how to liberate yourself from fear and love yourself and your life unconditionally.

My book Hazard will teach you:

  • Why you fear the things you do and how you can move past that fear to embrace the life you truly want.

  • How to avoid the common pitfalls of relationships by understanding how they typically evolve.

  • How to be happy right now, regardless of your current situation and without waiting another day.

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“I've read a good assortment of these self-help books and they always seem to be the same. I honestly didn't expect much from this one, however, I was intrigued by the description, so I just started browsing through it. Ended up reading it all in one take. I was delightfully surprised... no other self-help book I've read has put things into perspective so clearly and concisely, truly.”


Dan Ackerman

Dan Ackerman,


How to Go From Helpless to Owning Your Destiny

At some point in their lives, most people find themselves wondering things like:

  • Why does this keep happening to me?

  • Why can’t I overcome this fear or trauma?

  • Why didn’t this relationship work out?

  • Why can’t I be happy?

Or, they may find themselves thinking things like:

  • I wish I could go back and change my actions.

  • If only I were [xyz], I’d be so much happier.

  • I’m afraid people won’t like me anymore once they get to know me.

  • I feel like everyone is judging me.

  • I’m just not worthy of being loved.

When they have these thoughts, most people do one of two things:

1. Shrug it off

2. Talk to a therapist

People who consult a therapist, life coach, or other self-help professional are on the right track.

And sometimes, they’ll walk away from that encounter with the tools they need to love life and embrace happiness.

Other times, they won't.

Getting help from a therapist or a life coach is a good first step that works for some people. But if you've tried it and still have the same questions you started with, it's time to go deeper.

There’s a third option I didn’t tell you about, because most people don’t know it exists:

3. Connect with the Universe to understand WHY you have these questions and HOW to overcome them.

I used to ask myself these questions a lot. When I was a kid, I didn't act the way everyone thought I should, and that made them nervous. I got bullied by just about everyone. I was labeled “different,” “weird,” “not like us.” It felt like the whole world was against me. And though it made no sense, I felt guilty—guilty for simply being who I was.

Then everything changed. The people who bullied me became my friends. I realized I didn’t have to be like everyone else, that being different wasn’t synonymous with being evil, that I didn’t have to feel guilty just for being me.

What changed? I learned to understand the universe and my place in it.

For the past decade, I’ve been helping people all over the world do the same. And let me tell you, if I’d known then what I now tell my clients on a regular basis, my growing up years would have been a lot easier.

Cosmin Onofrei spiritual advisor here to show you how to overcome fear and how to get rid of guilt and of the feeling of not good enough

“Hazard” is a synonym for “destiny.” While it can mean unavoidable risk, it can also mean uncertainty or a lack of predictability.

You may feel your life is uncertain and unpredictable (many people do). But the truth is, the universe is trying to tell you everything you need to know every second of every day.

And Hazard will teach you how to hear it—so you can finally answer those questions that keep nagging at you, overcome those fears that keep holding you back, and own your destiny once and for all.

But you don’t even have to book a session with me to start understanding the universe and your place in it. Just grab my free ebook:

"To realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation."

 - Paulo Coelho

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Start reading                     and learn how you can own a life of freedom, love, and meaning.



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Cosmin Onofrei spiritual advisor here to show you how to overcome fear and how to get rid of guilt and of the feeling of not good enough




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