Change your life through your hardships!

Imagine the life you always envisioned and the struggles you undergo to obtain it.

What if life is less about accomplishing things and more about surrendering your being to what is happening?

Author and spiritual evolution teacher, Cosmin Onofrei is determined to bring light through provocative insight into the different forces that are at play in each moment. His unique artistic approach, coupled with a background in counseling people in times of need, make this work the most obvious transformation process of the soul.

Hazard is the arbitrary force that points to the sheer randomness of each moment.

We know nothing regarding where everything is heading, and at times we are blind by the idea of control over our lives. All it takes is an illness, financial collapse or even the death of someone dear to wake us up from this illusion and to realize how little is in our influence and how much everything is in the hands of the Universe.

This book reflects:

  • the true meaning behind experiences like happiness, fear or love

  • what part of us is responsible for everything that turns out to be a certain way or another

  • where to find freedom and how to recognize it in the midst of chaos

  • what can you obtain from hurt and pain and how to view chance

  • why challenging your comfort plays a definitive role in one's life

  • how to create art from the vicissitudes of life

  • what is growth and when that takes place

  • how to trust the Universe and how to live in the light of its force, not in its shadow

  • BONUS #1 - Stigma & The Alien Within

  • BONUS #2 - Comfort, Boundaries and Safety

Even though at first, it might seem that we deal with aspects of life in an isolated form, in reality everything that we encounter, is linked together and coordinated by an invisible energy, a master conductor if you will, that some refer to as fate or destiny, but here we will call it Hazard.


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Don't wait.

Read this book in order to change your life through the hardships that you face!

"Destiny will reveal itself and you will be in its way."



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Lynelle Clark, Life Coach.jpg

Lynelle Clark, Life Coach

Hazard, an interesting name to an enlightening topic.
In this short book, the author confronts the reader with an insightful perspective that challenges your way of thinking from an old belief system to a deeper and much-grounded perspective of self-awareness.
He comes right to the heart of the subject and explores the delicate nuances that enable us to marry the self with conscious and become, in essence, whole.
Truly a remarkable book that I can recommend to every person in search of greater understanding of self.

Grady Harp.jpg

Grady Harp, Author

Romanian author Cosmin Onofrei appears to be making his publishing debut with this impressive volume of his thoughts, becoming a treasured counselor and guide for opening windows onto reality that encourage us to fully experience life's possibilities.
Everyone who reads this illuminating book will find personal aspects to absorb and incorporate - that is the nature of Cosmin's communication.
Hopefully we will see more of his writing. Recommended.


Dan Ackerman, Illustration Artist

I've read a good assortment of these self help books and they always seem to be the same. I honestly didn't expect much from this one, however, I was intrigued by the description, so I just started browsing through it. Ended up reading it all in one take. I was delightfully surprised... no other self help book I've read has put things into perspective so clearly and concisely, truly.