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           In a world full of apparent contrasts, confusion, and fear, author and life teacher Cosmin Onofrei is determined to bring light through provocative insight into how to truly overcome your fears and free yourself from guilt, regret, and fear of judgment to start living a life in attunement with your heart.

           His unique artistic approach to every experience that we are presented with, coupled with a vast background in overcoming adversity, make him best suited for bringing greater and greater awareness to the mysterious aspects of your life.

           Even from a young age, in his spiritual practice, he has been confronted with a wide array of challenges from abandonment, fear of judgment and guilt to plight of depression, overcoming regret and isolation. His inquisitive nature propelled him to explore each moment's depth beyond its obvious limitations.

           His book HAZARD – How To Change You Destiny Or Love It Now – was published worldwide and has been hailed as among the most original and authentic contributions to the field of self-development currently available.

           His distinctive spin, together with years of experience in counseling others, make his work the most obvious process to overcome your fears and to become free of guilt, regret, and judgment.

“Expect the unexpected, dive into what you can’t see, enjoy the freefall, radiate the light of your spirit and the warmth of your heart...”

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