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Spiritual Evolution

In just 12 weeks

Freedom from Fear

  • Do you constantly wonder what others think of you?

  • Are you afraid they might judge you for something you did or didn’t do?

  • Do you have regrets that keep you up at night?

  • Is guilt ruining your life?

Overcome your biggest fear and free yourself from guilt, regret, and fear of judgment in just 12 weeks

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, I know how you feel. In the past, I’ve dealt with a lot of judgment and guilt. Because I didn’t act the way people thought I should, they called me “different” and “weird.” I felt angry and misunderstood, and I was always afraid that everyone was judging me.

What I didn’t realize then, and what you probably haven’t realized yet, is that these painful feelings are all connected to one unresolved problem: your biggest fear. Only by seeing that fear for what it is can you remove it from your life, and in doing so, leave behind your guilt, regret, and fear of judgment forever.

That’s how I overcame my own fear, guilt, and regret. Now, I use my firsthand experience to help others overcome theirs.

Join me in freeing yourself from fear

Confront and transcend that fear—and all the things that come with it—once and for all in my 12-week guided course: Freedom from Fear.

In this course, you will:

  • Find out where your regret, guilt, and fear of judgment come from and why they’re still a part of your life

  • Identify your biggest fear, and see how it connects to your regret, guilt, and fear of judgment

  • Separate what’s actually causing your fear from what you think is causing it

  • Pinpoint the areas in your mind and body that are especially vulnerable to regret, guilt, and fear of judgment

  • Learn the little-known secret for overcoming fear

  • Discover how to free yourself from the stress and emotional turmoil that regret, guilt, and fear of judgment produce

  • Train yourself to proactively prevent fear tomorrow by directly addressing its causes today

  • BONUS: Receive an audio copy of my book Hazard

In this course, we’ll focus on helping you  transcend your biggest fear  by identifying it and removing the things that fuel it: guilt, regret, and fear of judgment. After overcoming your biggest fear, you’ll be better equipped to handle smaller fears and the emotions that accompany them—today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

How it works

We’ll start with one Zoom session per week. In the first few sessions, we’ll explore the symptoms of your fear and work through practical ways of overcoming those symptoms.

Then, we’ll tackle your fear itself. I’ll lead you through some proven exercises for overcoming fear that you can do on your own, including embodiment (or awareness) and somatic release (or connecting to and processing tension).

Between calls, you can message me with questions and concerns, and I’ll always be available to support your efforts.


“Cosmin has been doing this for a very long time, and it shows. He went above and beyond to help me. His subtle coaching helped me reframe my entire paradigm.”


Michael testimonial

Michael, Life Coach

Transcend your fear, transform your life

Leave your fear behind forever. Hop on a FREE call with me to learn more and enroll in the course.


What makes this             different?

There are a lot of life coaching programs out there, so what’s so special about this one?

For one thing, I’m not just teaching you how to put a bandaid on your problems; I’m teaching you how to leave your biggest fear behind and free yourself from fear and guilt  for the rest of your life.

For another, I’m not asking you to dismiss the parts of yourself you don’t like, but to reimagine them and use them as part of your healing. I take a hands-on approach that teaches you to address the problem directly, not avoid or ignore it.

Thirdly, this course isn’t just one step in a long series of solutions. After taking this course, you’ll be fully prepared to move forward with the life you want.

Finally, this program delves into your mind and body to rewire the way you process trauma, guilt, and fear. It’s not about applying a temporary fix, but about permanently changing the way you approach life.


As an in-depth, highly customized course, Freedom from Fear is a significant financial investment. After an initial free call, I’ll provide you with further pricing details, but just know that this type of work is extremely valuable, and my price reflects that.

100% money-back guarantee

I’ve seen this course work wonders for my clients, and I’m confident it can help transform your life as well. The goal is to recognize and overcome your biggest fear once and for all, then permanently rid yourself of guilt, regret, and fear of judgment. If the course doesn’t achieve this for you, or if you’re dissatisfied with it, you’ll get your money back, guaranteed.

“I knew my life wasn’t going the way it was supposed to be…but I didn’t know why. After working with Cosmin, I feel more confident, I’m looking forward to the future (which wasn’t the case at all before), and I’m working on my own business. I no longer take failure as a failure but as a lesson.”

Joel testimonial

Joel, Automotive Engineer

Transform your life in just 12 weeks. Set up a FREE call with me to learn more

Cosmin Onofrei spiritual advisor here to show you how to overcome fear and how to get rid of guilt and of the feeling of not good enough




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